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Medco Atlantic Inc was founded in 2000 and now is involved in worldwide wines and spirits import-export operations.

Medco Atlantic Inc is licensed for alcohol distribution in 24 states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota,  Maine, New York, New Jersey, Nevada,   Ohio, Oregon,  Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina,  Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, Wisonsin.

Medco Atlantic Inc is a general importer of Nemiroff products in USA and distributes the following brands: Santero Sparkling Wines, Carta Vieja Panama Rum, Tomai Fruit Wines, La Chance Vodka and La Chance Cognac, Vindicum Wines of Moldova, Kvint Brandy, Toison D'Or Wines, Mamita wine.

We provide efficient and quality wholesale of beverage alcohol products with moderation in all phases of distribution.

Check out the brand new product - 1852 Kurant Vodka.Two kinds are available: 1852 Kurant Crystal Organic Grain Vodka (Produced in Poland) and 1852 Kurant Gold Gluten Free Grape Vodka (Produced in France).

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